Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Music2yourears blog has FAIE on it

Hello, hello.

It's always a nice morning when you see something you've done featured on a blog site, and especially on the Music2yourears blog, with the link below;


 There's some very cool things on the blog, even though it's not in our style of music, but as the prophet F Zappa said, music is music, specially when it's good. Check it out.

Speaking of checking it out, check out this cool arty pic from Dot E nyn of our geetar man Ambrose Chapel.

Very 60s yes? Very 60s yes. Think AC looks a little pissed doesn't he? Think AC looks a lot pissed. Like someone told him they wanted his guitar back. 

And I'm gonna say it, even though I didn't come up with it (our engineer Roy did) but 
hey Dot E!! Warhol called and he wants his camera back!! Just kidding. Really. Just kidding. 

But he did call. And he does want his camera back.


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