Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Do we need full length CDs anymore and more pics

Hey all.

Got into an interesting conversation yesterday about music sales. With the advent of online music packaged as single mp3s, or whatever file you like, is it really necessary to make full length CDs anymore. Why not just send out singles every time you're done with some music.

Let me be the first to say that I wouldn't have music sold any other way. If there's 2 songs I like from an artist I can just purchase those 2 songs and go on my merry way. I don't have to plunk down 10 bucks for whole CD. So I love it.

Now Mike Jdanders, an engineer we sometime use, claims that if that were so, that we would just send out singles all the time for our fans, then concept music like Sgt. Pepper, or Freak Out, or anything by Yorke, would've never been made. Mike may have a point there, but now we as fans can make our own Pepper CD, with our song favorites and sequence them any way we like. I've got a home made burn of all the songs I love from BNP and I think it's the best CD they never made.

Mike shook his head and waved his hand at me, claiming I will never get it. Maybe so, but I will not get it all the time I'm listening to my own personal CDs. As the old saying goes, I know what I like.

The fine artist who did the cover for upcoming CD, Dot E from myny, (actually hisNY) sent me this pic he worked on. Dot took photos from a recent rehearsal and then did his arty magic on it;
It's hard to see who's all in there but you can definitely make me out to the right of the saturated star thing on Mike A's head. Wonder what Dot is trying to say about Mike...

 And so. It. Goes.

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