Monday, July 29, 2013

Love the the thumbnail from video...but...

Hello, hello.

Love the thumbnail that our guys came up with for the video of the song THURSDAY AFTERNOON. Cool brick street, which was mentioned a few times in the song. And yes indeed that is me walking down that brick street...way off in the that you can hardly notice who the heck that is...

Ok, so I got that out. Now, as to my real feelings about the video.

I really wanted to do more of a performance thing, more like a video showing us playing and all. Now it's not that I don't appreciate the very dreamy kind of thing they came up with, and I know only too well the cost of doing videos, but I wish we'd have done more of a performance thing.

Someone suggested that we should've gotten involved with Kickstarter for coming up with funds to make a more performance like video, and maybe we should've. I dunno. And in all fairness, the guys came up with a decent presentable work while working on like a half a shoestring budget.

So, at least I got that out there. And that makes me feel a little bit better. A little bit.

So as I look over to the kickstarter page in hopes of the next video, I bid adieu.

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