Thursday, July 11, 2013

Basic Track of upcoming song Pt 1

Hey all.

I wasn't sure if this would be interesting or not, but recently an interviewer asked me where my ideas come from for songs. I tried to explain it but it didn't come out very well. Sounded too wishy washy. So I thought it might be interesting to go thru the basic steps of an upcoming song that might be called THEN AGAIN...but then again, it might not be called that. Could be called something else altogether. Hm...that's a nice title...

So. First things first. The way I do it, and this isn't the only way or the right way, but I need to have basic tracks laid down. Then as I listen to the tracks I get an idea or two. Or I don't. Depends on where I am that day as far as mood, weather, etc, but that's where I start.

So. The track, and it might be re-arranged as the song grows, is right below on our Soundcloud. Just some strumming, noodling really, some licks thrown in and there we go.

As you can hear, it's just some chords, no middle 8 yet, like lyric then chorus then lyric then chorus. So far I'm getting like a sea song maybe. Or traveling song. Who knows. The thing is to have fun doing it.

So. There you go. As I continue to work on this new song, which might be called THEN AGAIN and then again might not be called that, I will blog more info and let you listen in.

And of course our prayers go out to Randy Travis. Stay strong. RT.

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